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Getting Retention

Getting people to your space for the first time is the most costly part of your marketing budget.

Getting people to your space for the first time is the most costly part of your marketing budget.

When they’ve stayed in your space, you can get long-term loyalty and retention by:

  • Getting them back again for another occasion (loyalty program).
  • Getting them to tell friends to visit the space (referral/affiliate program).
  • Showing others that you have had happy guests (ratings /reviews).

People like to feel appreciated so send a follow-up message thanking them for staying with you, while their memory of the place is the strongest. The longer you wait, the bigger the chance that they make other plans with other spaces.


  • Email – Reach out by email telling them about new stuff going on, promotions, forthcoming events and showing current guests having a great time.
  • Social Media – It’s probably how you got the guest initially. This is great for getting people liking, commenting and sharing your content. Not that easy on email. These two channels need different content.
  • Customer Service – A lot of people reach out with questions, and not all become guests, but they may refer friends instead. As infuriating as some of the requests may become, always remember to remain courteous and professional. Sadly we live in an age where one curt reply can cause a potential customer to launch into a negative campaign against you.
  • Direct Sales – Have someone follow up with previous guests with direct messages. Have a conversation and offer help and advice. Giving a 10-20% discount is an easy way to get people booking very soon.

Have a plan to send the first email just one day after they leave. Ask for a review and also give them a discount if they book their next stay within a week/two weeks.
If they give a review, send them another follow-up email asking if they would like to tell their friends about the space (share on social media).
People are forgetful, so plan more contact at least weekly for the first month, until they book, give a review or refer friends.

Your current customer is your best asset.
They already know you and your space and should be the center of your universe during their time with you. Focus your time and energy on this group as opposed to always trying to find new customers. This can be a powerful way to supercharge revenues.

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