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Hardware & Software

The introduction of certain hardware and software can lower your stress and increase guests´ safety and happiness.

The introduction of certain hardware and software can lower your stress and increase guests´ safety and happiness.

Okay, here is a small list of items you can install that can dramatically ease your duties as a Host:


Wireless Door Locks
You might have used one when entering a commercial building, or seen them on ProductHunt.
The basics are: A guest installs an app, you send an invite for them to use the app to open the door (as a replacement for a key). You can send it out the day before they come, and limit their entrance to the days they are staying. The day they move out their app will not have access anymore. A simple, effective and extremely secure system.

Doorbell Camera
Instead of running down to open the door, your mobile beeps, and you can chat with the person through your screen. If your device is connected to the Wireless Door Lock you can unlock it through the app too.

Home Security Cameras
Remember to install this early on as guests won’t be happy if you try to introduce this in the middle of their stay. It’s much easier to point out the cameras when they arrive and to clearly state that it’s solely for their own security.
Be sure to reassure your guests that it’s used purely for monitoring suspicious behavior and for deterring robbers. It’s a known fact that the installation of cameras reduces the risk of break-ins and theft.
Do not install cameras in bathrooms.

Smart Thermostats
This allows you to automatically reduce costs on electricity by lowering the temperature in the night-time when there are fewer people in the common areas.
You may also change the temperature from your phone and get stats.

Low Electricity Bulbs
These bulbs save energy but still give a nice light. Some of them can be connected to your Smart Home System to be turned off or dimmed when necessary.
Example: or

You can also add Apple TV/Netflix and/or other TV/Entertainment solutions for the social areas – a big crowd-pleaser!


This is often used for two purposes:

  • Communication with and between existing guests and new guests.
  • Communication with and between employees.

Of course, we would recommend for bookings, guest management and payments.

Here are some examples of software we regularly use:
Slack – fantastic for staff communications
Facebook Groups – existing/alumni
Acasa – a fantastic tool that tracks expenses made by employees, or between guests if the community is not very big


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