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Why do you want to open a space to facilitate the community you plan to create?

Why do you want to open a space to create, nurture and facilitate the community you plan to create?

Why do YOU want to be the one doing it? It should be because you have the resources available; skills, network, and money. If you have just one or two of these, you should get another partner with complementary resources.

To focus on a group of people that have their individual missions, you should endeavor to help them with THEIR mission. By focusing on this, you too, will succeed.

Once you understand this idea, you are closer to building something that people will feel eager and grateful to be part of.

If you start building something with the sole interest of making money, you’d better make more value than the price to stay there.

Attract “A” players to join the space. This will attract other “A” players. Bringing in high-caliber guests, who can strongly contribute to your community, will be the value you can sell for a high price.

If you are new to coliving, open a space that you think will appeal to a variety of skilled professionals (bigger group and easier to please).

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