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Partnerships are considered to be the easiest way to achieve success. Why? Because someone else has already built a network containing all or a lot of the users/clients you need to reach.

Some of them could be willing to market your products to them in the following ways:

If you are lucky, they won’t want anything in return because your product will add value to theirs—a win-win situation for both parties.

You can promote each other’s products and, therefore, bring equal value to the deal – hence, no payment, commission, or company shares need to be exchanged.

Affiliate programs are sometimes more accessible for partners to understand. They promote your product with a link on their website. This link tracks the referee and records their ID for a commission when their users sign up or buy your product.

How to Find Partners

You know who your market is, right? If not, please read this part of the guide: Community.

What other services do your clients use that would be non-competing? Reach out to those businesses.

If your clients are nomads, you can partner with influencers (bloggers, Instagrammers), coworking-spaces, nomad forums, and other nomad services.


If you want to build a long-term relationship, give a substantial commission. Not some free nights in your space.

10% commission or more for a first-time guest can, if done correctly, get them eager to focus on your partnership in a way that benefits both parties. Be sure only to pay commission when referrals lead to paying guests.

Local Partnerships

The local partnerships you build around your space significantly contribute to the services you offer to your guests. In some cases, these enticing offers can be a huge reason for people to come to YOUR space.

For example, if not already provided with their stay, your guests could receive discounts on things like:

Gym – yearly, monthly, or daily membership

Car/Motorbike rental

Restaurants/Delivery services


Catering (maybe delivering lunch to your space every day) – a restaurant would be happy to have a minimum daily order from a coliving space – and would be willing to offer substantial discounts for this regular business.

Excursions – many companies give group discounts for cooking classes, temple visits, museum entry prices, day trips to places of interest, quad-biking, etc. connects you with the ideal residents without any additional marketing expenses.

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